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ishitbats' Journal
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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in ishitbats' LiveJournal:

Monday, February 27th, 2006
9:46 am
mitch is rad i love him. i love you all. heather took us to get beer at like somtime around 7:00am to get beer and me and mitch drank till like 9:45am and im wasted!!! wasted!!! beer is pretty cool. i love sarah j.oliver with all my heart i really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, September 29th, 2005
11:01 pm
DONT FORGET THE CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well well well i saw the FUCKING EXPLOITED last night, it was really good. just to see wattie(or whatever) up there doing what he does and knowing that he help spearhead what means soo much to me and many many others, uk82 style punk. i think he was the only original member tho as the bass and guitar players were young and had dreads and the drummer looked fairly young but he could be original im not sure tho. they played for a while played most of the classics, but didnt play a few crucial cuts but it was great just to see them. beerzone was up first, they reminded me alot of older exploited and they were reat live, and were what seemed to be super nice guys. they also did a cock sparrer cover(runnin riot). next was resilence and they were amazing straight up punk music, with a good political message. they also played a cock sparrer cover(watch your back) they also seemed to be cool people, i talked to the lead singer for a few minutes and he hooked me up with a cd for the boot party which was rad of him. he said they were on some big time radio station for a while in heavy rotation and they made them take their song off the air cause they didnt want asshole shit heads who listen to papa roach to come to their shows, and i totaly dug that i got mad respect for that! got a exploited shirt, dogs of war, a beerzone patch 2 resilence patches, a exploited patch and that free cd i mentioned before.had a pretty quick ride back, evan slept all the way. oh and we also went to the mall the galleria for a while looked around a few stores, hung out in the sharper image for more than enough time, they have cool shit in there a bug vaccume that dosent kill the bugs! then went to burger king where they had bk veggies but for more than they are here in s-town, they were delicious and to quote evan"this food makes my stomach happy" lol so anyway got back to s-town went to mitches sarah and audry went to denys (audrys 2nd time there in like a hour or less) me evan mitch nathan and sam chilled and i drank some bud light and bacardi silver raz(totaly broseph/brosephina!!!!!!!!)got a ok buzz, then got tired and layed on the floor for a few and also mitch displayed his fruit basket once again. woke up around 2 today kicked it with sarah for a few then came back home to chatham and here i sit hours later, and i just recently got a headach. my birthday is saturday the big 19, should be fun. me and sarah are going with my mom and few other people to the funnybone so that should be cool i never been there before, so we shall see hope the comic is good. then probably party after that. if anybody reads this stuff check out my radio show with evan the boot party on mondays at 11:00am till 12:30 or so on 88.3fm or online worldwide at www.wqna.org checkout www.bootparty77.com and www.myspace.com/bootparty77
i love my family and my friends so much thanks to you all i love you all so much, heres to many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love always JxTx MURDA(jerry)
thursday september 29th 2005 11:21pm

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, September 16th, 2005
8:16 pm
friends are family and vice versa
well once again its been for ever. since my last update i went to california for a month and it was amazing!!! i got so many new records. i plan on typing all the stuff i wrot down in a notebook while i was there and on the train ride there and back.i hung out with my family which was awesome!! went record shopping like 100 times,made it to san francisco and berkley and to angies house. daniel is rad, madaline is too young still and pissed me off all the time she'll grow out of it tho. i saw terror like the 2nd night in california at the pound in san francisco, joel took me there which was super cool of him, come back kid also played and they were great also. i also saw the bodies and the reducers s.f. a few cays later, that was a fucking great show the bodies are amazing live. saw L.A. for like 2 hours from a train station but it seemed cool id definetally like to check that place out some time.sarah sat in for me while i was gone and did an excelent job and i was glad that she enjoyed it. well more about california later. not much new latley just kickin and chillin hangin with the crew. workin on the show and addin all types of bands on the boot partys myspace and hopefully eventually getting some demos or cds or whatever to play on the show. we got a new time its mondays at 11:00am till 12:30pm or so. shitty time but i love the show so much it dosent really matter. lost a awesome spot to those fags on midwest music network that would have been a great spot but ehh what are ya gonna do? this summer i saw the above bands and also the adicts, the subhumans, and gbh also saw blue oyster cult and velvet revolver. those were killer shows it was like holidays in the sun midwest style. will be seeing the vibrators and the exploited and the adicts and against me! it the next few months so that will kick ass. also im really excited about hob gob this year the mourning after got on the bill so it should own. tonight holds a party which should be awesome hopefully see some good friends have some beers and some good conversations. its nathans birthday party so it should be good, but fuck heather she will be there but i wont let her ruin my time with friends that i really like not just have to get back at people and buy them shit to keep them as friends and really hate the person i have turned into or supposedly turned into. fucking poser fuck her. well im off.

love always

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
6:58 pm
been a while
well its been a grip since i last wrote in this thing, i guess its all about myspace now, but i dont write anything on that at all oh well. my hamster bear died a while ago i feel like a dick head for not putting anything on here when it happened, not like i cared for anyone else to see it like i said this is only online so i wont loose it and so i can read up on what i was doing in the future(note to anybody who actually reads this which i dont think anybody does) anyway it was very hard when i lost bear he had cancer and i got him opperated on and he just didnt pull thru, he was like more than a pet he was my buddy i loved him so much and miss him everyday. on a lighter note i have hanging out with mich and ian alot which is killer. sarah and i started kickin it with audry again which is also cool. And as of late i have found pretty good friends in the carnes sisters and maddy. Nikkie and kristen throw the most killer parties, fucking snoop dogg all the way. I got a bunny now her name is chelsea and shes really fat and really crazy, but i love her. lets see what else??? my ears are 5/8ths now and i got 2 new tattoos a jt murda one tyler gave me and a BP one mitch gave me they both look pretty good. the boot party is doing well we got such a huge folder now its the shit! but we got knocked down to 1 and a half hours monday morning at 11:00am which blows balls, but summer is coming up so hopefully we will get some more time like 2 or more hours would be sick.
well im outta here ill hopefully start updating more and this time i am really gonna try, cause i want the remember this shit. oh and i go to california in like a month KILLER!


Current Mood: this is the first non drunk 1
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
10:47 pm
what the fuck?/
yesterday i guess it was a nother ramone died. johnny ramone who is one of punks most important guitar players died. and that shit sucks ass! i have listened to the ramones for over 5 or 6 years now and i am greatly saddend to hear the news. needless to say i will be listening to the ramones all night and probabbly longer, and driving sarah crazy although sometimes i think she dosent mind them as much as she puts on. so i guess ill type some shit about yesterday and the past few days now. me and sarah went to a a show in stl last night and once again arrived late and missed cross examination, but caught straight and alert, step on it! and outbreak. all the bands were good but i think step on it was my favorite cause you could hear the vocals. we chilled at the lemp for awhile then got lost for like 30 mins lookin for del taco, stopped at a gas station for some drinks and stuff and ended up driving way the fuck out to west st.louis and the drive was notably longer due to that. got back to springfield about a minute before i predicted at 2:04 am so i won and sarah lost. went to audrys drank a few beers watched some tube and came back here. today i drove around for a while and sat at sarahs house whilst she and her brother and mom went to decatur. then sarah broke the bad news to me and i have been listining to the ramones for like an hour i even changed into my fucking filthy ramones rocket to russia shirt. in a few me sarah and evan are gonna go to audrys and meet up with nathane mabe also. oh and my ears are oficially half inch now so im excited about that. well that it for no so ill see ya later

love JxTx MURDA

R.I.P. johnny ramone 1948-2004


Current Mood: sad
Friday, August 6th, 2004
2:54 am
so again as ususal im at sarahs house its 2:55 in the am and im the only fucke awake. but its cool i cherish these moments i guess cause i can listen to music and just surf around and drink. today me and sarah and jen went to knights action park and it was cold as fuck! we swam for like 2 hours and it was just unberrable towards the end of it. so we asked for our money back or a fre pass, and we eventually got a daypass. jen snuck in and got a fucking free pass, two free trips. cathy was supposed to come to but due to some bullshit relaiting to her ex-boyfriend she didnt accompany us, and jen almost didnt either. jen decided to leave but right after she did it got nicer and me and sarah stayed for like another hour give or take. came back to sarahs for a while then off to the mall for some of our favorite pass time AIR HOCKEY!!!!(if we saved all the quarters we spent wed prolly be about half way to owning one.) so i beat here the first time and she won the next. then off to pass pets to see the pupies and kittens, cause they have some of the cutest. i held what i thought was but it wasnt a toy poodle and he reminded me of my old puppie peetie, also there is a sheep dog that looks just like my old doggie blue. also we drove by and saw our friends the ducks at the park, man ill be sad when there gone! i dropped sarah off at her house so she could walk with her mom and i went to joes pizza to meet my grandarents. when i got there they were done eating but had got me a small sized cheese pizza. so we sat and talked and i ate and we talked some more, i had a great time. 3 people can eat there for 15 bux now thats a deal. i love them!! i came back to sarahs and she and her mom were still walking, she got me a good smelling flower and a chubbie checker tape cover, since she always gets me something. i chilled with mike amy joline john jen and weslys faggot ass. everybody left pretty quick tho, joline and amy went to club 217 wht fun! also cathy came over for a few but really not long. john went with me to get a 40 of high life and i drank that and a shot of so-co and a beast ice and im on a 12oz of high life now, hopefully ill find more. well im off till next time. oh ya me and jen aand john and sarah for a while watched malbues most wanted and it was pretty good. then me and jen watched hated((sorry evan i just found it tonight and truly thought it was back) she seemed to like it but was kinda shocked by it but who who is not familliar wit gg wouldnt be? well this time im really off, so till next time love always jerry

Current Mood: gettin there
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
4:59 am
im bad, nation wide!
so today i woke up aboyt 5:00 to my phone ringing and it was my mom, he needed to have me watch eli, so she could go to riverton where chloe is staying at. so i went over there, also apparently chloe is dating a 21 year old(she 13 at this time) and has been smoking alot of pot i guess) so i got over there and she had already left, so me eli and robbie watched andy dick,s show "the assistant" eli started bugging me about swimming and as soon as robbie left for dinner at his moms boyfriends house my mom returned with chloe. i guess there gonna arrest this guy and chloe was being a ho-bag, but anywho i left and picked up sarah at her house we went back to vickies and swam for a few hours. my mom left again and came back a little later after going to (fuck) wal mart, and dropping chloe off at sha nanas in riverton. we chilled here watched ex-president clinton talk on the late show and i went with john to get some beer. we got a 30 pack and a few after that we went to dustins house and chilled and drank a few beers, it was amanda(dustins girlfriend) birthday so i wished her a happy birthday and she only chilled for a few after we got there she had to be home by 2:00 i guess. so me derek dustin sarah and dave drank some brewskies, evan was supposed to come out but couldnt make it cause malorie got her keys locked in her car at his house, why she would lock her doors at her boyfriends house in the middle of the country i cant understand. so we left dustins about 10 till 4:00 and went to shop n save and got some stuff to make sammiches for knights action park tomorrow. then it was off to pizza hut to try and score some dumpster goodies. i got lucky on the last bag and scored some pretty fine lookin bread sticks, there was no sauce and the last quarter or so was soggy but none the less they were great! then to another pizza hut where i found nothing to eat but scored HELLA plastic cups!!! im currently watchin co co who is the cutest kittie you will ever see play with a ball of yarn. i also stopped at osco and gave some dumpster food to the animals. so now were back at sarahs house and i had a shot of whiskey(inspired by the ac/dc song) and im gonna drink another beer and go to sleep, cause i got shit to do tomorrow, ill probabbly look at my favorite site bme a little too. so ill see ya later

love always JERRY

Current Mood: drunk
Monday, August 2nd, 2004
5:13 am
the kids will revolt against authority!!!!/ im wasting my time circling away
well, im at sarahs and i been drinkin for a few hours now so excuse me if the typing shitty, ill try and do my best. well today i woke up late around 4:30 pm and sat around for a while, later me and sarah went to the mall and if memory serves me right i kicked her ass at table hockey. but i could be mistaken, so after that we went to barns and noble i was hoping for some new tattoo magazine but there was only on so i got it and blender with dave chapelle(which i didnt look at) and fangoria which i browsed through and look at a book called punk which was pretty good. then off to luca pizza where sarah ate up all her points on 2 slices of cheese pizza which i had as well, and i must say it was delicious! the we got rusehd to get back to the mall to see dodgeball which i had wanted to see for awhile. i thought it was pretty good as i expected, but sarah said it wasnt as good as she thought basically, but i cought her laughing her ass of a few times. so the day before today was a "blue moon" which is 2 full moons in one month. and jen got a 12 pack of blue moon beer to celebrate and mindy and cathy aslo got some, even joline broke her temporary sobrity to celebrate with one blue moon. we went to eves ex/ still kinda boyfriends house his names tod. chilled there waiting for steve to call me. liz was being a major biatch! hangin up on me n shit. well anyways i threw his and eves dog elliot i believe his name was frisbee aroung for a few but he seemed to be a crazy dog. the cops creeped past we only stayed for a few after that. then we went to pick up steve at his house, ate some food there and i got my beer and we came back to sarahs house and me steve jen and john kicked it looked at some pictures and played some drinking games. steve had a 40 of mickeys finest malt liquer i had a 12 pack of beast ice jen had a 12 pack of blue moon and john had a 12 pack of miller light. they all went to bed early except me and steve who chilled till like 7:30 am and wathed some of the gg allin dvd. sarah took him soon after that, we downloaded some pogues songs steve wanted to hear and then left shortly after that. i had a great time chillin with steve, serioussly steve evan and sarah are my best friends to an extent to which im pretty sure they will never know, i would do anything for them! I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!!!! now i am listining to my playlist and its on a cover of i believe in anarchy origanally by the exploited redone by the virus. steve also re fille a empty 40 with piss that previoussly had mickeys in it. dufer also called me yesterday and he seems to like kansas and im happy for him. rob called my too, and that was cool so i hope to chill with him when he gets back from lake owen. well i think imma eat and go to sleep so im outta here, ill be back soon!

LOVE always JERRY!

Current Mood: drunk
Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
4:03 am
i love water and soy!
im currently eatin soy nuts form kentucky, marion to be exact. im also drinking a big glass of ice water to counter effect all the beers i drank. a train is blowing its whistle i wonder where its going. do you have any idea what the queers are doing to the soil? any way me sarah and evan went to decatur last night(monday the 26th or 27th of july 2004). ate some shrooms and didnt really trip. just me and evan ate them tho. we went to walmart to parruse since me and sarah dont shop there, next to it is a petco and i put a "petno" sticker i got from peta on there front door and sarah put a sticker and a flyer to boycott them on the window. then we went to kroger and found nothing then we went to the other usual kroger and got her mom somekosher dill gerrn tomatoes and some bread and some soy dream fake ice cream and some fake turkey. i got a dr.pepper when we went outside and we chilled and ate some sandwiches and evan said it (the fake turkey) tasted like bologna and didnt want any more. so he continuded to eat his cheetos, and eventually got thirsty and headed to the soda machine where upon his arrival was greeted with a crak head trying to talk to him. apparently she droped a dime and demanded "her fucking money" back from evan and then asked him for a ride but he told her it wasnt his car and she went for her shit that was resting on the ground, me and sarah had heard the commotion and started the car(mine) she was driving and started to got over tword him. at that point he started running towards us screaming "get the fuck outta here!!" so he hopped in the car and we were trying to get outta there(the kroger parking lot) and sarah took a wrong turn and had to go in a circle and on the way back through the lot evan hollard "there she is next to us!" but she was like 500 feet away.and sarah slammed the gas and we were outta there. but the bitch kept running after us. needless to say we left decatur after that and headed to drop evan off in glenn arm and the back to sarahs. that was yesterday, so today i sleept till like after 5:00 and woke up chilled kicked sarahs ass at air hockey at alladins castle saw some kitties and other animals at pass pets went to chatham then back to sarahs so her and her mom could walk. then i went back to clean my hamster bears cage out and hook him up fat. chilled there for a few took a shower and took some games back a few days late then came back to the north end and drank some beers. also talked to my mom apparently shes getting a new used car. a honda accord i believe, FUCK AMERICAN CARS!!!!!!! hopefully were going to black moon on friday to see whats up with a tattoo! i cant wait!!!!! i also watched hellboy which wasnt half as bad as i thought it would be so thats cool. well imma crash in a few after dome more soy nuts and water. tomorrow i gotta get the ball join changed in my car so i gott aget up early and take sarah to her moms work. so im off.

till next time love always jerry
boot party!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: drunk
Monday, July 26th, 2004
1:06 am
nice boys dont play rock n roll!
so what to say what to say? well earlier i went to josh and erins and chilled played texas holem and drank a few beers. im currently drinkin at sarahs with jen and john and kathy is supposed to come over. listinin to a bad ass playlist! the nsa show was killer but there was no comparison to past shows as the lead singer pointed iut" i see your not as bloody and violent as you guys used to be." or something like that. which sucks and the scene is dead compared to like a year ago. after the show we went to dennys i think i already wrote this but we chilled there and i geo a great boca mushroom swiss "burger" and chilled there drinkin water with lemons for like 3 hours with dustin audry and sarah, it could have only been better if evan was there. the guys from king of clubz and ken from pound for pound were kinda with us but i didnt talk nor did anyone at my table to them. misfits rule all ass hole fuck dick if you dispute your a cock face. not much else to say but i promised id update soon so here it is. ill be back in a few days probabbly so ill see you then.

love always jerry

Current Mood: gettin there!
Saturday, July 24th, 2004
2:32 am
hated, the gg allin documentary
sittin at evans house once again, and were drinkin 40 ounces bitch! i had a 40 of colt 45(first time ever) and a 40 of steel reserve(first in a long time) and evan is drinkin on a 40 of the champaign of beers the high life. we just watched hated the documentary on gg allin documentary, and it was killer were now watching the additional footage from the last show/search for dope, that eventually a few hours later ended his life. wouldnt it be cool if he was still alive and came back and played harder and better? wishfull thinking but still that would be cool as a mother fucker! now i just got a pack of camel lights and soon ill stretch my ear from a 0 gauge to a little bit bigger with evans electrical tape! i think ill go for maby an inch eventually. damn man gg was one serious mother fucker he didnt give 2 shit or a fuck but ocasiounnly hed do both! but reall y he was for real not fake!! not to much new has been hapening latley i been drinkin alone alot latley but its cool i look at bme quite frequently and im anticipating my tattoo soon. well i think im off to take a piss and then stretch my left ear a little and finish the movie and my forty ounce. for real this time im gonna start up dating this more often soon.

love always
(JxTx murda)
Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
5:01 am
fuckin dark beers, YES!!!!!!
im currently listening to the c-town mafia playlist and its on vomitina by nil8 great song. speaking of nil8 i saw them at jam fest a few weeks ago and it was the first time in a long while i actually saw them in a long while. also i still have my bracelet on at lease 2 or 3 weeks later. since my last update i got my septum peirced and it didnt hurt as much as i thought it would! although i must say it didnt feel good. slayer is now on the winamp and it remindes me of the band nihilist who played after nil8 at jam fest 2004, totally awesome fuckin straight up metal band! i partyed with them and they let me hit the metalist of all liquors JAGERMEISTER!!! hahaha those dudes were so fucking metal. latley i had a few really good dark beers first was anchor steam beer from one of my favorite citys around SAN FRAN!! bitch!! no but serioussly it was hella dark and tasted good. tonight sarah bought me another good six pack and its berghoff genuine dark beer, its pretty good definettly dark i poured it in a cup to look at how dark it was. i think soon ill get a tattoo im excited! ahh figure four is on now and it remindes me of when me and(break for beer drink) evan had the boot party during what was my junior yera his senior and it was some of the best times of my life serioussly. i think ill really get my shit together and call up jim pemberton and try to get the boot party on this summer, but if not ill be back on my senior year either at glenwood or lawrence , but it wont be the same. adicts are on now ima pose or however you spell it and let somma this beer out! back and was that a great feeling piss!!!!! whoooooooo serioussly that felt good. well where was i? oh well ill just start ranting to my self since this is a journal for my memories and shit and for my friends to look at if they want. almost time for a cigarette break turkish gold bitch. right arm death threat is on now and they were an awesome band back when. i think they have a new name with a few new people but i forgot what its called mabye blood in blood out but who knows? chilled with evan sarah jen jon shane derek dustin amanda steve and a few assorted friends of jen latley its been fun. lost touch with old friends except sarah and evan, it used to bother me but im kinda over it now brad was an awesome friend and i have some great memories of skatin and shit with him but he chose a different path than me. i think ill probabbly stick with punk forever its just so real, i dont wanna sound like a douch but its true punk rock saved my life! serioussly i think my life would suck not on a family level or anything if it wasnt for punk. straight edge is onnow but it just got over what a coincidence that is me and evan both used to be "straight edge" but i fell outta that when i started to listen to OI! which is cool with me because i satrted to get bored with skatin all the time and wanted to start drinkin aghain which i now love and have loved now for about 2 or 3 years im not sure, so i think oi! and steve tracy was the reason i started drinkin again which is probabbaly half the reason i had evan tattoo oi! on my right leg, i truly dont think ill ever regret that tattoo, i really wouldnt regret the fuck bush tattoo on my left leg if it wasnt so shitty, stupid me for thinking evan as fucked up as he was could do such a tattoo.fuck van halen even though my dad loved them i had to swith to straight ahead by sick of it all( who by the way puts on an awesome show even though i got my glasses busted and landed on evan in the middle of the pit) sublime now i cant rember the name but its about rioting! i really wanna be in a riot some day like so bad. i cant wait till steve comes back for a little while so me him sarah evan and mabye a few others can chill somewhere mabye evans and drink some beers mabye dank mabye yellow american yellow piss beer it won matter to me because as long as i have evan sarah and steve there who are really the best friend i have ever had or could hope to have are there ittl be great!!!!!!!! damn almost 5:30 its really light out now. lotsa other shit to talk about gg allin just came on hes hella hesh but thats off the subject i gotta piss some more beer out and smoke some smokes and drink the rest of my beer and go to sleep soon but theres more to be told in the ongoing diaries of my every day life so ill be back soon i promis I LOVE YOU ALL, JERRY ROOF

ps today me sarah eli my mom and her friends jodi michell her kids and my mom boyfriend i guess chriss kid went bowling it was a great time my best was a shittl 117 but it was ok since i havent bowled and it was great chris is cool fuck bob hes a shit head im outta here love JERRY (jt murda) also we spray painted(me sarah and evan) the other night at our usual place by panther creek, lets see how long it takes those fuck to paint over it. even if they do weel be back and thats a promis!!!!!!!!!! serioussly thats it for now love jerry
Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
3:43 am
honey weiss
yo yo yo! im at evaNS house once again, drinkin again but this time its somethin new, its leinenkugels honey weiss prounounced nice i guess. at least thats what it says on the bottle/package. i also got a 40 of the old o-e bitch. we chilled out in the gorouge for a few hours but got tired of sharing the space heater so we came indide! any way the boot partys goin great we rock!!!! wanna go to a show really bad mabye ill go to the disatillers on the 13 of april. im kinda takin to tanna right now but just sain whats relavent. cant wait till rob and steve come back there my best friends besides evan and sarah of course. i really have a good time shillin with them! this beer is kickin my ass! i love beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! icant emphasize that enough i have no idea if i spelled that right though. im sick of the posers in spfld especially earnie norris!!! he tried to act like i dont hate him when i caled dillon last weekend but fuck that ass rag faggot peice of cum stain! boot prart represent bitch!!!! grimes can be a faggot some times but i thin me and evan reformed the student radio portino of wqna 88.3 the edge spring field. well sarah is pushing me to leave and thatas no problem to me since shes the DD(for which i think she can never know how much i ppreciate) and i think ill be done now. but i love her and all my friends. fuck all posers especially earnie and all other major posers. love jerry!

Sunday, March 14th, 2004
3:31 am
if you fuck around with us youll get youre head kicked in!
evan lies! sarah as a pearl necklace on. whya durkin mosturbated on stage at the show and got his dick a little hard. tha guitar player was naked and jumped on durkins back all nakie and shit and i logged in and wrote about it like it said. "this song is for john kerry, he can suck my asshole" durkni sat/march/12/04. party party party. evan is the funest person i know. im fuckin high as a mother fucking kite/1 hihihi3 bux for a pack of camel lights...st.louis rocks! no sin tax! no hi tattooing! i need $$$ for tattoos plugs and many other things i need/want. dumb ass dumb ass!!!! evans feet stink like no other thing in the world!! bitch=sarah! CxKxMx bitch you know. EVERYTHINGS KOSHER.. Fuck ya i got a tragedy vinyl tonight for seven bux, ya thats right seven bux. fuck you if you dont own this youre a faggot asshole fuckd dick cheeseburger or what ever. what if the fonz was kosher and jewish? beer me!!!! well later see ya guys in a while. love jerry

3:41 am sunday the 14th of march ni the year 2004!
Sunday, February 15th, 2004
2:41 am
tackling the snake
once i was told that this person hasent met a kid who couldnt kill a 40 of king cobra with out punkin, FUCK that shit!!!!!! im killin one now with my nigga evan, bitch. mhhhh mhhh bitch! its not too bad but its no dark beer(which i love). pot is fun
sometimes. my nigga evan is tha shizznet! what up sarah love ya. well im outta here gotta finish the snake!!! much love jt murda.
Thursday, February 12th, 2004
1:59 pm
fuck love i hate my self i like pain

Current Mood: crazy
1:54 pm
i keep a close watch on this heart of mine
wow i would just go and what i always say i will butsomehow i found the best fucking show in the world. its called the boot party and its a brightly shining lite it my shitty dark life. with out it i would die! i love blood especially mine. im really dark, but i gotta go out to the mall and spend my 100 dollar hot topic gift certificate my sister got me for christmas on a pair of pants. i hope i dont get sun burned but if i do ill just love the pain and cover it with balck.
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